Detailed data reports

inCharge lets you generate a host of valuable analyses about your company’s license use. inCharge will give you a complete picture of who used which license at what workstation and for how long. inCharge collects this information in a separate central database, which can be accessed via a reporting interface at any time. Of course you can also analyze the data of entire entities (project, department, cost center, location).

The reports created with the help of inCharge provide you with a complete picture of the license needs in your company – including those of individual organizational units. Consequently you can achieve substantial savings as the result of a judicious purchasing strategy and sound purchase decisions involving your software licenses. In addition, you can also save on additional expenditures by prorating previously not fully utilized licenses among several departments. Licenses that are identified as not being used can be cancelled to save service costs.

Analysis of license usage

inCharge lets you analyze the usage of licenses by individual users, by workstations and by organizational units. You can also evaluate the maximum use of individual licenses over a defined period of time in order to decide which licenses you will need in the future and which ones you can do without. This accurate analysis of license use enables you negotiate the best package with the vendor. Consequently you can plan your license needs and purchase selectively on optimized terms.

Use-related evaluation options

inCharge also allows you to analyze the usage of licenses by individual users as well as by predefined user groups. You can group your users according to your own criteria and evaluate them based on this classification. To comply with any existing corporate requirements, this analysis can of course also be performed with total user anonymity.

Monitoring of individual users

inCharge lets you monitor the license activities of individual users in real time. You simply create your own company-specific monitoring profiles by defining parameters such as users, servers, licenses etc. This also provides you with the ability to inform the various users about upcoming maintenance during which the system will not be available.

Data management

Thanks to master data management you can assign additional information to individual users. You define locations, companies, departments and cost centers in the submenus. You can also assign additional characteristics to the users, such as family name, first name, location, company, department and cost center. The installation of a server and the associated data import automatically results in the recording of users, computers and licenses. The imported data of the various categories can be grouped accordingly. Setting up these groups makes selection easier when you create monitoring and report profiles. Multiple assignments of individual users, computers or licenses to the individual groups are possible at any time. The information from the master data management can be used during the group assignment by means of a filter. The creation of groups significantly increases the efficiency of working with inCharge. Users, computers (i.e. workstations) and licenses can be grouped together. When generating the appropriate monitoring and report profiles, the created groups can be selected directly. This makes efficient compilation of analyses and evaluations possible. The user data including additional information can be exported and imported as a .csv file or synchronized directly with Active Directory.

Analysis of peak utilization rates and early detection of license denials

Thanks to specific evaluation of the parallel use of licenses, you will be able to identify usage peaks in good time and prevent license denials. The development of the utilization rates will show you the usage of licenses over any period of time that you define. This will enable you to actively counteract trends, avoid bottlenecks and increase productivity. You also have the option of actively revoking individual users’ licenses that are currently not needed and allocating them to other users.

Simultaneous display of multiple analyses from different license servers

Check and compare the utilization rates of various licenses by displaying multiple analyses of different servers simultaneously. This allows you to simulate e.g. a scenario in which larger numbers of servers are grouped centrally into one server.

Cost allocation

The ability to optimally calculate the license costs requires the analysis and evaluation of the usage data. If costs are allocated to a subsidiary or to individual departments, sound evidence of the usage must be provided. With inCharge you can conveniently track and administer your license costs. With minimum effort you can generate reports on cost allocation over defined periods of time that accurately document the license use.

Additional module: WatchDog

WatchDog is an additional inCharge module which checks the process of license use in system resources. If an application is not used for e.g. one hour, the license is automatically revoked and the user informed accordingly. The WatchDog functionality reduces the overall utilization rate by 15-20%. Moreover, fewer licenses are required, which enables further cost-savings to be achieved. Alternatively more users can use the licenses, i.e. the license pool is utilized more efficiently.

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